Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

This website has cookies. Cookies are small files of information that contain a small amount of information. The information contained in cookies is saved to the website user’s personal computer or other mobile device used for accessing the website. Cookies are absolutely secure, they don’t contain any personal or sensitive information about you, including your home address, date of birth, payment card details, etc. All the information stored in cookies is safe and anonymous and cookies are non-harmful to your mobile or electronic device.

The company or service providers of the company may collect data and information about how you use the company’s website and services provided by the company through the use of Internet server logs, cookies, or tracking pixels. An Internet server log is a file that stores website activity and that distinguish you from other visitors and users of the website. Tracking pixels, also known as web beacons or clear GIFs, are electronic tags with a unique identifier embedded in websites, online ads, e-mail, etc. Tracking pixels are designed to provide information, including ad impressions and clicks. By doing so, tracking pixels are measuring the popularity of our services and associated advertising and access user cookies.

The different types of cookies used on this website are:

Strictly Necessary Cookies – required for the operation of the website such as cookies enabling the users to log into secure areas of the website and remember information added by the user into a form when the user navigates the next page.

Analytical/Performance Cookies – allow for the monitoring and counting the number of visitors to the website and provide information about how users move around the website when they are using it. This helps our company to gain more information about how the website and services provided can be improved, create a more user-friendly interface of the website, etc.

Functionality Cookies – used for recognition when a user returns to the website. These cookies enable the company to personalize the website and content to the user’s interests, greet the user by name, remember the user’s preferences, such as the user’s choice of language or region, allow the user to connect their social networks to the website and share content from the website to social media.

Advertising and Targeting Cookies – designed to record the user’s visit to the website, all pages visited, all links followed. All the information collected through these cookies is used by the company for making the website and advertising displayed more relevant to the interests and preferences of each individual user of the website. For the same purpose, the company reserves the right to share this information collected from advertising and targeting cookies with third parties. Turning these cookies off means the user will still see advertising banners on the website, however, they won’t be targeted to the user’s interests and preferences.

If you want to be notified every time a cookie is being set or updated, please change the settings of your web browser. Change the settings of your web browser when you want to block cookies. Consult the “Help” section of the web browser you are using for more information about how to get notifications or block cookies. Please note that blocking cookies means you may have limited or no access to some features of the website or some offerings of the services.

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